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We've posted this info which we hope will be of help in understanding websites & their design. If you would like other information or have questions not covered please just get in touch.

Q. What is a Domain Name?
You need to own a domain name to establish your own unique identity on the internet (ours is ’e132.co.uk’) and to allow routing of web browser traffic. For all agreed projects, we register and provide your domain name at no extra cost to you and you retain ownership of the domain name as your lasting identity on the internet.

Q. What is Web Hosting?
You need web hosting as somewhere to build your website. Web hosting services allow individuals and organizations to make their website contents accessible via the internet, web Hosts are companies that provide space on a servers as well as providing email & other services.

Q. What is behind a web page?
Behind any web page is a structure of code that allow text & image contents to be displayed consistently whatever browser software is used to view it. Typical pages are in Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML) while more interactive sites often use a database accessed by Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) a widely used scripting language. The ’look & feel’ of a site is controlled by one or more Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) files.

Q. What is a Brochure website?
A brochure (static) website serves as the online brochure for your business. They are the cheapest to produce but are not editable without knowledge of coding, so would be recommended for business information that changes infrequently. If you need an owner-editable site with interactive features a Web Contents Management system is a wiser choice.

Q. What is a Web Contents Management (WCM) system?
WCM (dynamic) websites have a background mechanism that allow owners to edit much of their contents in plain English through an Editor interface, so would be recommended for sites that change frequently or need sophisticated interactive features (online shops, forums, blogs). Also best for evolving businesses whose needs will change as the company grows.

Q. What is Responsive Web Design?
This is a design approach aimed at creating websites to provide the optimal viewing experience, easy reading & navigation with minimal resizing, panning or scrolling across a wide range of devices (desktop computers, laptops, tablets & mobile phones). If your target audience is young or requires access while on the move then this would be the most practical choice.

Q. How much will it cost?
Every project is unique & cost depends whether you want one page or an online shop with tiered ranges of products. Take a look at our pricing structure or for a no-obligation chat just get in touch.

Q. What about future changes?
If you choose a WCM build then you will be able to make those changes yourself using the Editor account. If you choose a Brochure build you will require coding knowledge to edit the pages & software to upload the revised files to the server hosting your website. Whichever you choose, we are always available to help if required.

Q. How does my website get found?
To have a website found and well listed it must be professionally built to accepted coding standards which will encourage the automated software that creates the indexes governing search results for Google & other search engines. We do this and also test against the six most commonly used browsers, laptops, tablets & smartphones.

Q. What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?
Websites built for SEO meet standards which greatly help their ratings with Google & other search engines. All our own new builds meet accepted coding standards & are tested against all priorities of the World Wide Web Consortium as well as satisfying UK/EU laws & where appropriate, legistlation requirements for UK companies.

Q. Then what is Search Engine Marketing?
In the event that ’natural’ methods of improving the visibility and prominence of a site have not satisfied, SEM (sometimes called ’Internet Marketing’) is used as part of a broader marketing campaign working every month to promote your website. SEM is often very labour intensive, so not an inexpensive option.

Q. What is the Domain Name Service (DNS)?
DNS is the mechanism controlling web traffic routing which allows website to be found by name (for example. ’e132.co.uk’). Information about new domain names and new or changed host location is propagated across the multiple pieces of hardware that make up the physical structure of the internet in a process called the ’DNS Cascade’.

Q. Who taught you?
Our principal designer has been in IT for many years & working with web technologies since 1998. He used to work for Lloyds TSB who funded professional training with Learning Tree International in London. This included Internet Design, javaScript, Network Administration, Project Management & Rapid Application Development (RAD) practices.

Q. What’s behind the name ’e132’?
There is an old piece of IT industry cynicism that suggests "Everyone wants a blue website". Among the e-number additives, E132 is a blue colouring that can be used without restriction by all dietary & religious groups. Plus it is a good, short domain name that (almost) everyone can remember.