Although every project is unique, most of what we're asked for falls within four categories:

... from  £129

Single page brochure (static) website provides a basic introduction stating who you are, what you do & how to contact you. The least complex to produce but not editable without knowledge of coding, unsuitable if you need frequent changes.
Brochure Site
... from  £169

A brochure (static) website serves as the online advertisement for your business. They are less complex to produce but are not editable without knowledge of coding, so would be recommended for businesses where content changes infrequently. This website is a brochure build.
... from  £199

Web contents management system (dynamic) websites have complex background mechanisms that allow owners to edit much of their contents in plain English, so would be recommended for sites that change frequently or need sophisticated interactive features.
Online Shop
... from  £299

Shopping cart sites (eCommerce) need complex mechanisms to allow owners to securely manage products, prices, promotions, sales, etc. All without the fees associated with auction sites. We build ranges & create test items then show you how to add & manage more.

Included in Fixed Price Components

Portfolio Brochure Editable Shopping
Domain Name Registration (, 2 years yes yes yes yes
UK based Web Hosting, 1 year yes yes yes yes
Email Accounts & Services yes yes yes yes
Offsite Contents Backups yes yes yes yes
Responsive Design, suiting a wide range of devices yes yes yes yes
Test compatibility with browsers, laptops, tablets & smart phones yes yes yes yes
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) yes yes yes yes
Contact Form yes yes yes
Site Search Tool yes yes
Sitemap & Web Documents:
Accessibility, Copyright, Privacy, Terms & Conditions
yes yes yes
Blank Contents Pages 1 ~20 ~20 ~10
Shop Categories & Test Products ~10
Secure Payment Processing via PayPal yes
Test Purchase, validates payment processing yes
Editor Introduction, guide to managing your new website yes yes

Additional Components

The above should comprise the majority of the work for the build process, creating all the mechanisms that allow your site to look good whether viewed on mobile or large desktop screen, creating the database & scripts where the type requires them. Beyond that, adding your text & image contents & any additional features you need will be charged at our hourly project rate of £30 per hour. During the contents process you will receive regular written updates detailing additional cost.

Best advice for keeping additional build costs low: Ten Steps


Web contents management systems & eCommerce sites have complex core software. We also offer ongoing maintenance plans as an option for those that require it. This includes secure offsite backups, site performance monitoring, software updates as they are released by the vendor, visitor statistics & other benefits plus a 33% discount on any further work.